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What is keyhole TIG

Keyhole TIG technology is a new method which can realize "Keyhole" welding. It not only has the feature of ordinary TIG welding, but also the characteristics of deep penetration of plasma welding. The keyhole -TIG welding process achieves a relative balance between large arc currents (>300 A) and the surface tension of the molten metal in the pool, forming small holes (keyhole)to achieve deep penetration welding. During welding, the arc penetrates deep into the base metal, expelling the molten metal to the side walls of the pool and forming a keyhole.


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The K-TIG keyhole which is opened through the joint is inherently stable


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K-TIG welding technology is a kind of high-speed one-way full penetration welding technology, it does not need any wire and don't need to open groove, also do not need a professional worker

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keyhole TIG Not the fastest Only faster