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Anyang Anda machinery Co.,Ltd.
+86-13939987689 Call me please!

Anyang Anda machinery Co.,Ltd. is a technological innovation-based enterprise with development and production. We focus on automatic welding device and the exploitation and production of new welding materials. We are a subsidiary of Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd., which is the largest machine tool manufacturer in central China and the new three board listed company. Our company also has a display division in Guangzhou and a laboratory in Weihai in addition to the Anyang headquarters

Our company have a series of products of Independent Intellectual Property Rights(IIPR) through the process of development and innovation base on our automatic welding technology. Our goal is to provide high quality welding engineering technical service and reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly intelligent automatic welding equipment for national manufacturing. For now, we already develop a K-TIG welding machine which is initiated in China and leader in the world at large power high efficiency automatic TIG machine areas. It has been applied to aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical pressure vessel, cryogenic tank, boiler, food and pharmaceutical areas very successfully. Our welding system has been used in pressure vessel welding ,LNG tank welding , Sterilization vessel welding and so on

For more information about our dental services or to book an appointment with us please call this number +86-13939987689