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Single-pass, Full-penetration Keyhole Welding Technology 

Keyhole TIG technology is a new method which can realize "Keyhole" welding. It not only has the feature of ordinary TIG welding, but also the characteristics of deep penetration of plasma welding. The keyhole -TIG welding process achieves a relative balance between large arc currents (>300 A) and the surface tension of the molten metal in the pool, forming small holes (keyhole)to achieve deep penetration welding. During welding, the arc penetrates deep into the base metal, expelling the molten metal to the side walls of the pool and forming a keyhole. If the arc pressure, the steam reaction force formed by evaporation of the metal in the side wall of the hole, and the surface tension of the liquid metal are in dynamic equilibrium with the internal pressure of the liquid metal, the pinhole will be stable. As the arc moves, the metal in the pool melts behind the arc and solidifies into a weld. The process is very similar to the plasma (keyhole) welding method. The welding process is stable and delicate. The micro structure and mechanical properties of the weld are better than TIG welding.

Keyhole TIG works across a wide range of applications, and is particularly well suited to lower conductivity materials such as stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium alloys and most corrosion resistant and exotic materials. It performs longitudinal and circumferential welds on tube, plate, column, vessel, tank and other applications in a single pass.

One pass welding thickness of different materials as follows:

  1. Titanium up to 16mm thickness
  2. Stainless steel up to 13mm thickness
  3. Nickel Alloys and Super Alloys up to 13mm thickness
  4. High Quality Carbon Steel up to 10 mm thickness

Only require a square butt joint ,no need for edge belling.

Strong error-tolerance, the joint gap can be 0-2mm(15% of plate thickness )

Keyhole TIG 's full penetration high quality welding greatly reduces welding times, labor costs, filler wire consumption, repair costs, gas & power consumption and eliminates beveling, grinding, back-gouging & reworking.

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