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Anyang Anda machinery Co.,Ltd.
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The K+T double torches welding process is another major upgrade of the Keyhole TIG welding process, saving capping time compared with original Keyhole TIG welding process. Taking 10mm stainless steel as an example, the original process root pass speed is 270mm/min, the capping speed is 135mm/min, and the 1000mm weld takes about 11 minutes. By using the double-torches K+T process, deep penetration and capping can be accomplished synchronously. The welding speed can be Up to 250mm/min, also 10mm thick stainless steel, 1000mm weld bead can be completed in about 4 minutes.

In addition, depending on the material, this process can be adjusted to K+MIG and K+SAW,It can realize deep penetration root pass and filling in the same time.

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