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How to use
 Keyhole tig welding machine to make plate welding?
Keyhole tig welding machine can be installed on the Sheet to sheet butt welding equipment just like traditional TIG,MIG and Plasma welding machine.
What is the thinnest sheet can be welded by keyhole TIG machine ?
First,Less than 3mm sheet can be welded by traditional tig welding.
Second, it  is difficult to achieve keyhole welding effect if sheet thickness was less than 3mm
What is Max thickness plate can be welded by keyhole tig system 
Up to 60mm thickness plate can be welded with X or Y groove , according to different materials, the root face thickness is 6-10mm.
What are the advantages of keyhole tig puzzle welding?
At present, submerged arc welding(SAW) is the main process for carbon steel plate welding in the shipbuilding and other fields
Compared with submerged arc welding, the KEYHOLE TIG process does not need filler materials ,does not need back cleaning ,there is no flux or slag .It is more economical and environmentally friendly ,the most important is Keyhole tig can provide higher quality root bead than SAW.
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