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What is the advantage of Keyhole TIG welding titanium alloy and stainless steel ?

Keyhole TIG is possible to complete the welding of titanium alloy with a diameter of 1000mm and a thickness of 10mm within 10 minutes

Keyhole TIG could weld stainless with a diameter of 2000mm and a thickness of 10mm within 25 minutes

 Keyhole TIG also improves the strength and quality of a weld by base metal melting for welds of up to 16mm thickness.
Keyhole TIG's unique keyhole process ensures that deep penetration welds and excess heat will be carried away so as not to affect the corrosion resistance of the base metal itself.
The welding seam is 100% of the maternal layer, and there are no multiple fusion lines,completely no slag, air hole and common weld defects. The welding pool of Keyhole TIG welding ensures the high quality of the covering both layer, and completely does not need the back clearance and surface polishing cleaning
Keyhole TIG's full penetration welding greatly reduces welding times, labor costs, filler wire consumption, repair costs, gas & power consumption and do not need beveling, grinding, back-gouging & reworking.
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